Aegis Insulation Resistance Tester -Analogue CZ20055

If you’re involved in the commissioning, maintenance and testing of electrical installations, you need the CZ20055.

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If you’re involved in the commissioning, maintenance and testing of electrical installations, you need the CZ20055. As insulation (megger) testing is an essential task for all electrical contractors and tradespeople, it makes sense to have the best tool on the market to complete the job. And with its easy to read illuminated analogue display, the CZ20055 fits the bill perfectly. Lightweight and easy to use, the CZ20055 provides user selectable voltage outputs of 250V, 500V and 1000V for M testing, with 3 and 5000 testing also available for terminal co ections. Continuity testing is also provided for basic co ectivity testing. Applications of the CZ20055 Insulation Tester:

  • Insulation (megger) testing
  • Testing of terminal co ections
  • Continuity testing
  • IR testing at 250V, 500V, & 1000V

The illuminated analogue display of Aegis Insulation Tester means that you can see results at a glance. The lock button feature will hold the last reading in place until reset, allowing you the time to make a detailed recording of the results. A live circuit warning LED and hazardous voltage alarming are provided as standard to alert the user if accidental co ection to a live circuit it made prior to conducting any testing. The CZ20055 comes packaged and presented in a hard carry case to protect the unit whilst it’s not in use. Purchase also includes two probe leads as well as a single lead fitted with an alligator clamp which is provided to allow better maneuverability and safety when conducting tests. Features of the CZ20055 Insulation Tester:

  • Easy to read illuminated analogue display
  • Live circuit warning
  • Hand held or free standing operation
  • Comes in protective carry case
  • Includes probe leads and a lead with alligator clamp
  • Meets EN61326 and EN61010-1 requirements
  • In IEC 61010: CAT III 1000V

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Aegis has celebrated over 80 years of servicing the communications industry. Aegis has designed, manufactured and supplied Australian industry with test equipment for more than 80 years. Over the past 8 decades we have expanded to become one of the most diverse and trusted manufacturing companies both nationally and globally. Aegis was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1933. In those formative years we developed and manufactured assembly kits to service the needs of early radio enthusiasts. These kits included everything required to build your own radio receiver including coils, transformers, ceramics and Bakelit housings. We've come a long way since then. As information and technology have developed at a remarkable pace, so to has Aegis. The rapid evolution of communications technology throughout the 20th century required us to remain at the forefront of engineering design, and by the mid 1970s the company was becoming increasingly involved in the telecommunications industry. It was at this time that Aegis forged a close relationship with Telecom Australia (now Telstra) and undertook a number of innovative product developments such as the CZ1000 Cable Pair Identifier and the CZ3000 handheld, non-balancing digital bridge, which proved so successful that they have since been imitated by other companies throughout the world. Our commitment to innovation in the telecommunications industry remains to this day. We now service a wide range of customers in the data, electrical, gas, telecommunications, and water industries all around the world. We strive to provide cost effective solutions designed to safely and accurately locate and test networks in all industries. Aegis specialises in working with the industry to understand what is required and design an instrument to suit. Our experience and expertise have helped our products become industry standard and we continue to remain one of the premier test equipment suppliers. Major utilities in the telecommunications, gas, and water industries rely upon Aegis equipment to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their networks. These products have evolved to become the standard tools for tradespeople Australia wide, and are successfully used in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Region. We continue to seek new markets where our expertise can help solve any problem for our customers.
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