Aegis TraceAll Complete Tracing system CZ1892

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The CZ1892 TraceAll Complete Tracing system – To locate cables and pipes in any location

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The CZ1892 is the ultimate package in our incredible TraceAll range.

The TraceAll family of pipe and cable tracers and locators has been designed as the ultimate range of locating and tracing tools. In this bestselling range for tradespeople you can find every tool you need to locate all services – and you can do it all with the one base transmitter! Designed to suit every locating and tracing situation, you’ll never find a better tool than the CZ1892 TraceAll Complete System kit for the job. The CZ1892 TraceAll is for the tradesman that needs everything! This complete tracing system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor work, and the variety of products included in this kit ensures that you will always find what you need to get any job done. The TraceAll Complete Tracing System combines the high powered TraceAll Base Transmitter, Circuit TracerInductive CouplerCoupling Clamp and lightweight Tracing Wand. The CZ1892 TraceAll has full indoor circuit tracing capabilities, allowing the user to locate circuit breakers and fuses on switchboards and general purpose outlets (GPOs) on the wall. The Circuit Tracer can also be used to trace and locate all internal services such as data, electrical, television and telecommunications cables, as well as gas and water pipes inside walls. The CZ1892 TraceAll also has complete outdoor pipe and cable locating functionality, allowing contractors to locate and trace cables and pipes before they even start to dig, thereby significantly reducing the risk of expensive, and sometimes deadly, contact with underground services. It has the capacity to locate cables and pipes to a nominal depth of 2 metres and can trace beyond a length of 2km, in good soil conditions.

Applications of the CZ1892 Complete TraceAll Kit:

  • Correctly identify fuses and circuit breakers
  • Trace mains cables
  • Trace cables not carrying current
  • Trace cables behind insulation
  • Locate all internal services (data cables, electrical cables, television cables, telecommunications cables, gas pipes and water pipes)
  • Locate and trace cables and pipes before digging commences
  • Put a signal on pipes and cables without a direct co ection
  • Locate underground services (Lead in pipes, Cables and Main trunk lines)

This kit features the most accurate and flexible circuit tracer on the market and provides the user with full control of functionality, ensuring that you have the best outcome when locating services. Incorporated as standard is manual sensitivity control, an essential feature for eliminating ghost signals when identifying fuses. Both static and magnetic receiving modes are also standard, ensuring cables can be traced even when they are not carrying current or are behind screens such as foil insulation. You can use Normal mode to trace cables through plasterboard and brickwork, and use Screened mode to trace cables concealed by metallic screens such as in wall installation. The transmitter has Low, High and TracePlus modes for near, far and multi-service locating. The Cable and Pipe Tracing Wand included in this kit is a receiver wand used for locating underground services, from lead in pipes and cables to main trunk lines. Simplicity is the key with this wand – it only has one control to turn the locator on and provide signal strength control whilst in operation. The Inductive Coupler also included in this kit is an inductive ante a accessory used to put a signal on any pipe or cable without having to make direct co ection to that pipe or cable. You can simply plug the Inductive Coupler into the transmitter and your signal will be transmitted onto your target pipe or cable. The Coupling Clamp in the CZ1892 is a rugged signal transmitting coupling clamp. It induces the signal transmitted by the TraceAll Base Unit into metallic pipes or cable services passing through it without physical co ection.

Features of the CZ1892 Complete TraceAll kit:

  • The ultimate indoor circuit tracing tool
  • The ultimate outdoor pipe and cable locator tool
  • Manual sensitivity control
  • Static and Magnetic receiving modes
  • Capable of Near, Far and Multi-Service locating
  • Reduces risk of contact with underground services
  • Simple to use
  • Battery and Mains powered
  • Lightweight and fully portable
  • Sturdy waterproof transmitter case
  • Australian owned and designed

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Aegis has celebrated over 80 years of servicing the communications industry.
Aegis has designed, manufactured and supplied Australian industry with test equipment for more than 80 years. Over the past 8 decades we have expanded to become one of the most diverse and trusted manufacturing companies both nationally and globally.

Aegis was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1933. In those formative years we developed and manufactured assembly kits to service the needs of early radio enthusiasts. These kits included everything required to build your own radio receiver including coils, transformers, ceramics and Bakelit housings.

We’ve come a long way since then. As information and technology have developed at a remarkable pace, so to has Aegis. The rapid evolution of communications technology throughout the 20th century required us to remain at the forefront of engineering design, and by the mid 1970s the company was becoming increasingly involved in the telecommunications industry.

It was at this time that Aegis forged a close relationship with Telecom Australia (now Telstra) and undertook a number of innovative product developments such as the CZ1000 Cable Pair Identifier and the CZ3000 handheld, non-balancing digital bridge, which proved so successful that they have since been imitated by other companies throughout the world.

Our commitment to innovation in the telecommunications industry remains to this day. We now service a wide range of customers in the data, electrical, gas, telecommunications, and water industries all around the world. We strive to provide cost effective solutions designed to safely and accurately locate and test networks in all industries.

Aegis specialises in working with the industry to understand what is required and design an instrument to suit. Our experience and expertise have helped our products become industry standard and we continue to remain one of the premier test equipment suppliers.

Major utilities in the telecommunications, gas, and water industries rely upon Aegis equipment to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their networks. These products have evolved to become the standard tools for tradespeople Australia wide, and are successfully used in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Region. We continue to seek new markets where our expertise can help solve any problem for our customers.

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