FLIR 3000A Clamp Meter CM57

FLIR CM57 Flexible Clamp Meter Offers

Made with narrow flexible coil clamp, the CM57 lets you easily take measurements in tight or awkward spots. It features a bright, dual LED worklight that provides built-in illumination for dark cabinets and is drop tested to 3 meters, is portable, lightweight and tangle-free without compromising measurement range.


  • 45cm Coil Length, Maximum conductor diameter  12cm.
  • CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V Safety Rating
  • Take accurate measurements in tight or awkward spots
  • Snake the coil around obstacles with ease, even in deep, crowded cabinets
  • TRMS AC Current up to 3000 Amps for multiple conductor measurements
  • Inrush current function for equipment start-up spikes
  • Easy inspection and navigation
  • Standalone flexible clamp meter displays the readings you need
  • Bright, dual LED worklights provide built-in illuminations for dark cabinets
  • Drop tested to 3 meters, portable, lightweight, and tangle-free without compromising measurement range
  • Remote viewing form a safe distance
  • Transfer and view data on mobile devices with FLIR Tools Mobile App
  • Co ect to iOS and Android smartphones or tablets
  • Multiple units wirelessly co ect for remote viewing of multiphase systems
  • Data recording for trend analysis transferable via Bluetooth

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Maximum AC current    3000A AC AC response    True RMS AC current ranges and resolution    30.00 A, 300.0 A, 3000 A Basic AC current accuracy (of reading)    ± 3.0 % + 5 digits Maximum resolution    0.01 A AC current bandwidth     45 Hz to 500 Hz (sine wave) Inrush current     Minimum 0.5 A, 100 mS Data record mode    20000 points , 1 minute sample rate Positional error (distance from optimum): CM55    15 mm ± 2.0 %, 25 mm ± 2.5 %, 35 mm ± 3.0 % CM57    35 mm ± 1.0 %, 50 mm ± 1.5 %, 60 mm ± 2.0 % Display    3000 count LCD with backlight and multi‐function indicators Max conductor diameter capacity CM55 2.4 ” (6 cm) CM57 4.7 ” (12 cm) Flex coil length      CM55 / 25 cm      CM57 / 45 cm Flex coil diameter      7.5 mm Flex coil tip diameter    13 mm Work light     Two white LED’s Bluetooth range max     10 m Power supply     (x2) 1.5 V “AAA” Drop test    3 m Agency approvals     FCC Class B, CE, UL Safety rating     CAT IV 600V,CAT III 1000V Standards    EN61010-1, EN61010-2-032, EN61326-1



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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 mm



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