FLIR CM42 400A AC Digital TRMS Clamp Meter

FLIR CM42 400A AC Digital TRMS Clamp Meter Features:
Accu-Tip enables more accurate amperage measurements on smaller- gauged wires
MAX/MIN/AVG recording, and frequency and diode measurement
Data hold, zero function, and low pass filter for voltage measurement
Durable to withstand a 1-meter drop, and operates at -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
Large, bright backlit display makes readings easy to see
Tough, over-molded, easy-to-grip design and slim, portable size
Built to accept up to a 30mm max conductor
Electrical field detection determines if voltage is present and the relative strength of the field for safety
True RMS professional clamp meters
Accu­Tip™ Technology
You may not have heard of Accu­Tip™ technology but that is just because it is brand new in this device. Small gauge wire measurements have never been more accurate. We’re talking to a tenth of a digit. And MAX/MIN/AVG recording, that just comes standard. Electrical field detection, easy ­to ­grip design, and able to withstand a two­ metre drop.


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The Flir CM42 is a cost-effective clampmeter that also has a long list of applicable features suited for the modern industrial or domestic job site. From AC clamp measurement to bright back lit display this meter takes ease of use to a whole new level. This instrument is perfect in and around electrical panels and areas with dim, low, or no light situation.

The Flir Accu­Tip™ technology allows the CM42 to make accurate measurements on small gauge wires more accurately – to a tenth of a digit.

Let the Flir CM42 with it’s slim form factor share your workspace and go anywhere you go. Precise, accurate measurements are why you do what you do and now you carry tools that do it best.

DC Voltage 600 V
AC Voltage 600 V
Clamp-On AC Current 400A
Frequency 50-400 Hz
Resistance 60 kΩ
CAT IV-300V / CAT III-600V Safey Rating
Limited Lifetime Warranty



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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 mm


Flir CM42 Specifications

Measurements Basic Accuracy
DC Voltage 600 V ±1.0%
AC Voltage (Digital Low Pass Filter) 600 V ±1.0%
Clamp-On AC Current (50-100 Hz) 400 A ±1.8%
                                   (100-400 Hz ) ±2.0%
Accu-Tip Clamp-On AC Current 60 A ±1.5%
Frequency 50-400 Hz ±1.0%
Resistance 60 kΩ ±1.0%
Diode 2.0 V ±2.0%
General Meter
Display  6000 counts
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Continuity 10Ω< & < 250Ω
Recording Min / Max / Avg
Backlight LCD Yes
Drop Test 2m
Certifications UL , CE
Category CAT IV: 300V / CAT III 600V
Jaw Opening 30 mm Max
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Battery Type 2x AAA
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