FLIR DM92 True RMS Industrial Multimeter,CAT IV-600V

The FLIR DM92 True RMS Industrial Multimeter is a rugged yet precise 1000V AC/DC multimeter. It offers many of the features of the FLIR DM93 multimeter, yet without the Bluetooth connectivity some users won’t need. The DM92 includes a VFD mode to better analyze the non-sinusoidal waveforms and noisy signals associated with variable frequency drive motors and controllers. The LoZ mode filters out unwanted ghost voltage for better measurement accuracy over long runs. The internal memory of the FLIR DM92 will store up to 99 measurements for later recall and analysis.

The large, crisp display of the DM92 is easy to read, and is assisted in dark areas by a bright LED backlight. A built in stand makes the meter convenient for stationary or bench top work, while two LED work lights brighten those challenging sites. A thick rubberized housing makes the DM92 rugged enough even for the harshest environments. FLIR even backs the FLIR DM92 RMS Industrial Multimeter with a lifetime warranty.


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The FLIR DM92 is an Industrial Grade Digital Multimeter with CAT IV – 600V & CAT II – 1000V Safety Category Rating.
FLIR DM92 Features
No need to select AC or DC Mode for quick tests
VFD Mode: Accurately analyze non-sinusoidal waveforms and noisy signals in VFD motors and drive controllers.
LoZ Mode: Use the Low Impedance Input filter to eliminate ghost voltage readings in long-run applications.
Bright Dual-LED Worklights: Make your work safer and easier by illuminating dimly lit inspection areas.
Rugged, Shock-Resistant: Double-molded rubber case design enhances reliability on the job site and durability for the long haul.
Backlight features user-configurable timeout
Large, sharp display is easy to see
Tool-less battery changing
Built-in tilt stand



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