FLIR Electrical Tester 200a AC/DC VT8-1000

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The FLIR VT8 Series multifunction electrical testers feature a 0.61-inch (15.5mm) open-jaw design for measuring AC/DC voltage and current, continuity, resistance and capacitance in tight spaces and large diameter cables. The VT8-600 model offers 100 A and 600 V measurement, while the VT8-1000 model offers 200 A and 1000 V measurement. Both models also feature the appropriate CAT III and CAT IV safety ratings based on the measurement ranges. With true RMS voltage and current measurement, the FLIR VT8 Series multifunction electrical testers boast ±2.5% AC/DC current accuracy with a 0.1 A resolution. This unit also measures AC voltage to within 1.5% and DC voltage with ±1.0% accuracy, both with 0.1 V resolution. The VT8 Series’ 6,000 count backlit multi-function LCD and white LED work lights allow users to view information easily and work efficiently in dimly lit areas.
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  • 15.5mm (0.61 in.) jaw opening
  • True RMS voltage & current measurement
  • Auto-ranging
  • VT8-600 model:
    • 100 A / 600 V measurement
    • CAT III-600 V / CAT IV-300 V safety rating
  • VT8-1000 model:
    • 200 A / 1000 V measurement
    • CAT III-1000 V / CAT IV-600 V safety rating
  • 0.1 A AC/DC current & 0.1 V voltage resolution
  • ±2.5% AC (50 to 60 Hz)/DC current accuracy
  • ±1.5% AC (45 to 66 Hz) & ±1.0% DC voltage accuracy
  • White LED work lights



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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 mm