FLIR TG297 Industrial High-Temp Thermal Camera

FLIR TG297 Industrial High-Temp Thermal Camera
The FLIR TG297 is a one-of-a-kind industrial diagnostic tool that combines accurate temperature measurement with the ability to image up to 1030°C (1886°F).

Patented FLIR MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) enhancement improves image clarity by embossing visual scene details on full thermal images.

The TG297 is ideal for high-temperature industrial uses such as measuring the heat of glass furnaces, kilns, and forges as well as manufacturing applications, allowing you to accurately target potential faults, troubleshoot repairs, and monitor processes. The Flir TG297 can also record images to assure your team that machinery and systems are functioning safely and at peak efficiency.

Outfit your toolbox with this combination non-contact temperature measurement and thermal imaging camera and measure a wide range of temperatures from -25°C to 1030°C (-13°F to 1886°F) with a true 160 × 120 IR pixel imager (19,200 pixels)

• High-temperature filter allows camera to measure and image temperatures up to 1030°C (1886°F)
• Work from a safe distance while scanning high temperature objects thanks to the 30:1 spot ratio
• Identify the exact area that you’re measuring using the bullseye laser pointer

See the detail needed to troubleshoot faults and gauge their severity

• Diagnose problems faster with FLIR-patented MSX image enhancement
• Display and capture thermal or visual images with temperature readings
• Compare before-and-after stored images to demonstrate the problem and the repair
• View thermal images in your preferred colour palette on the bright 2.4-inch color display

FLIR TG297 Highlights
• See beyond the limitations of single-spot IR thermometers with a 160 x 120 pixel true thermal imager (Lepton® microbolometer with integrated shutter)
• Visible spectrum 2 megapixel digital camera
• Adjustable MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) adds key details from the visible spectrum camera to the IR image to help you diagnose problems
• 3 presets and 1 custom emissivity setting
• LED Work light
• Laser pointer and cross-hair display for easy targeting of measurement spot

FLIR’s TG297 features a rugged IP54 enclosure that stands up to tough environments. It includes a multipoint laser pointer to clearly indicate the area measured and a bright LED flashlight to see into dark, difficult-to-reach areas.

The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology allows users to upload data and share images to a mobile device and create instant reports in the field.

FLIR TG297 Features
• High temperature lever switch engages high temperature mode
• 4 GB internal memory for storing captured images
• USB–C connectivity for image transfer and charging
• Bluetooth® real-time remote temperature monitoring and camera image transmission to mobile devices
• Easy to read 320 x 240 2.4” TFT colour LCD display
• Intuitive programming menu system translated in more than 21 languages
• IP54 enclosure (with top flap closed) protects from dirt, dust, and oil
• Rechargeable lithium battery
• Auto power off (APO), user adjustable
• Accessory mounting for tripods, extender poles, etc.
• Also suitable for Automotive use.


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The FLIR TG297 combines accurate measurement with the ability to image temperatures as high as 1030°C (1886°F) in a one-of-a-kind diagnostic tool.

Now you can both see and measure the source of common issues involving electrical and mechanical systems, diagnose breakdowns, and verify manufacturing processes. It is also suitable for Automotive use.

The FLIR TG297 goes beyond the limitations of single-spot infrared (IR) thermometers by allowing the user to see the hot and cold spots indicative of potential issues and track them to their source.

Users can examine everything from electrical connections to mechanical breakdowns quickly and accurately, with a temperature range of 25°C to 1030°C.

Typically, high temperatures appear white in thermal images, but the FLIR TG297 has a movable high-temperature filter that improves the thermal dynamic range. With the filter engaged, users can see the colour shifts that indicate differences at the highest end of the camera’s temperature range.



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