Ideal OmniSeal™ Pro XL Compression Tool 30-793

Our flagship professional grade compression toolnCompresses F/BNC/RCA/RG-11F/Mini-Coax/90° co ectorsnWorks with all IDEAL compression co ectors o loose adapters required. No adjustments needed for most IDEAL co ectors.nAdjustable post and adjustable spin knob increases co ector compatibility

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Our flagship OmniSeal™ Pro XL (30-793) compression tool is compatible with and terminates all IDEAL compression co ectors. Patented dual spring clips and fixed top ledge enable this tool to compress more co ectors than any other tool on the market. Unlike most compression tools which require adjustments and adapters for each type of co ector, this compact 6¾“ length tool compresses all straight IDEAL compression co ectors with no adjustments to the tool. F/BNC/RCA/RG-11 F co ectors can all be terminated one after another with no setting changes. Only the 90° F and BNC co ectors require a tool adjustment. An adjustable spin knob allows for compressive forces to be placed on the rim of the co ector instead of the bottom of the nut when required. This is helpful for non-IDEAL plastic centered co ectors such as 50Ω BNC‘s or RCA‘s with limited structural support. It can also be used as a larger flat surface to compress against for other types of non-traditional compression co ectors. The adjustable post and spin knob, combined with three compression surface levels, give the installer virtually unlimited options for compressing current and future co ector designs. The 30-793 is also available in several tool kits including the 33-793 Pro Hip Kit and 33-693 Pro Compression Starter Kit. Tool instructions: Default setting: With the handle in the closed position, the top of the compression post should be flush with the longest (center) line of the adjustment lines. If an IDEAL co ector does not fully compress, raise the post setting. If the handle does not fully close when compressing, lower the post setting. All IDEAL compression co ectors use the default setting, with the exception of the 90° co ectors – see adjustments below. The 90° F/BNC compression co ectors are the only IDEAL co ectors that require the 30-793 compression tool to be adjusted. The tool can also be adjusted for non-IDEAL co ectors. To adjust: Loosen the locknut by turning the post counterclockwise with a flathead screwdriver.nWith the handle in the closed position, lower the post with the screwdriver until the top of the compression post is even with the bottom adjustment line of the tool.nTool is now set for 90° co ectors. Co ector will compress against the top spring clip level.nTo reset tool to default position, close handle and raise post to the longest (center) adjustment mark.nRe-tighten locknut by hand, then secure it with a clockwise turn of the post.



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