Wera 3950/9 Hex-Plus Imperial Stainless L-Key Set 9 Pce  05022721001

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Wera Stainless 3950 PKL SZ L-key Imperial Set – 9 Pieces
Hex Inch (SAE): 3/32″ x 112mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 7/64″ x 119mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 1/8″ x 123mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 9/64″ x 130mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 5/32″ x 137mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 3/16″ x 154mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 1/4″ x 185mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 5/16″ x 195mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 3/8″ x 224mm
Wera Belt Pouch
Wera’s stainless steel is vacuum ice-hardened, giving them the hardness and strength necessary for any industrial application.
Stainless steel looks great when it’s done right. Sometimes people forget to use stainless tools to install the screws, and particles are left behind causing what’s known as extraneous rust.

Wera’s Hex-Plus design helps to keep the screw head in tact with narrow contact surfaces. Standard hex designs tend to round out the screw head.
The short arm is Hex-Plus and the long arm is ball end hex.

Manufacturer Part #: 05022721001

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