Wera 467/7 T-Handle Torx Driver Set HF Set  05023452001

$166.58 inc. GST

Wera 467/7 Torx T-handle set with holding function

T10 x 100 mm
T15 x 100 mm
T20 x 100 mm
T25 x 100 mm
T30 x 200 mm
T40 x 200 mm
T45 x 200 mm
Holding rack (qty 2)
With holding function on the long arm to securely hold the fastener
The 467 series is perfect for any job requiring a higher transmission of power over a traditional screwdriver
With additional short arm for even higher torque demands
Take it easy tool finder; color coding according to profile and size
Ergonomic 2-component handle with finger recesses and soft feel provide fatigue free working

Manufacturer Part #: 05023452001

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