Wera 3367 Torx® Screwdriver Stainless TX 10x80mm  05032052001

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Wera Stainless 3367 Lasertip Torx Screwdriver

Tip size: T10
Blade length: 80mm (3-1/8″)
Overall length: 161mm

Wera’s stainless steel is vacuum ice-hardened, giving them the hardness and strength necessary for any industrial application.
Stainless steel looks great when it’s done right. Sometimes people forget to use stainless tools to install the screws, and particles are left behind causing what’s known as extraneous rust.

Multi-component Kraftform handle with hard and soft zones, fits the shape to the hand for the ultimate in comfort and high speed torque transfer.
The end of the handle is labeled to quickly identify different sizes.
The handle is also built so that the screwdriver won’t roll away on a graded surface.
The Lasertip is designed to “bite” into the screws, helping prevent unwanted cam-out.

Manufacturer Part #: 05032052001

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