Wera 810/1 Bitholding Screwdriver With Retaining Ring 1/4in  05051005001

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Wera Kraftform 810/1 Bitholding Screwdriver, Hexagon 1/4″ Head x 120mm Shaft

Wera Kraftform handles features a large contact zone that provides a large amount of friction with the soft zones. Integrated soft zones in handle bulge, transfer high tightening/loosening forces without losing contact with screws. Precision zone at blade provides better feel for rotational angle during fine adjustment work. Anti-roll protection stops screwdrivers from rolling away at the workplace.

Features hexagon blade with retaining ring suitable for 1/4″ hexagon insert bits and Wera Series 1, 1/4″ x 120mm shaft

Wera’s experience of narrow tolerance manufacturing techniques and careful material selection helps deliver maximum safety at work

For 1/4″ hexagon insert bits and Wera Series 1

Multi-component Kraftform handle fits the shape to the hand erasing the physical stresses of screwdriving

Limited Lifetime Warranty, German Engineered

Manufacturer Part #: 05051005001

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