Wera 851/4 Impaktor Diamond Coated Phillips Bit PH 2x50mm 5pk  05057656001




Wera Series 1 851/4 IMP DC Impaktor Power Bit, Phillips PH 2 Head x 1/4″ Drive

Maximum utilisation of the material properties, a very special geometry – designed particularly to meet the extreme demands – as well as specific manufacturing process means that Wera Impaktor tools have superior service life.

Another product advantage is the coating of the Impaktor bits with minute diamond particles. These diamond particles reduce the cam-out effects – particularly high in power tool applications – which can lead to a slipping out of the screw head. The diamond particles literally bite themselves into the screw recess. This means that less contact pressure is required, something that greatly delays fatigue setting-in in power tool screwdriving jobs.

Wera Bits are designed for the most demanding applications in trade and industry. They are designed to have the ability to transfer high torque loads, safe to use and extremely durable.

Features Impaktor design for Phillips screws, PH 2 x 50mm Overall Length x 1/4″ drive

For hexagon bit holders and direct drives

Wera Bits for hard materials (e.g. metal sheets or structures) prevent premature breakages of the tip, created by the large amounts of peak torque generate to the screw and bit

Manufacturer Part #: 05057656001

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Wera 851/4 Impaktor Diamond Coated Phillips Bit PH 2x50mm 5pk  05057656001

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