Wera Bicycle Set 4 for Hexagonal Socket Screws and Torx Screws  05004173001

$97.60 inc. GST

Wera Multicolour L-keys made from circular material with plastic sleeve for use on bicycles
The Holding Function located on the long end holds fasteners securely in place
Hex L-key features ball end
The plastic sleeve makes working comfortable even at low temperatures and is easy on the fingers
Great for the road and the workshop
Compact tool set for bicycle applications, also for mobile use
L-key set for hexagonal socket screws and TORX screws
L-keys with Hex-Plus design for a longer screw life
L-keys are quickly to hand thanks to their size markings and color coding
In a practical, lightweight folding pouch for easy carrying

950 SPKL Multicolour: 2.0 x 101 mm, 2.5 x 112 mm
950 SPKL HF Multicolour: 3.0 x 123 mm, 4.0 x 137 mm, 5.0 x 154 mm, 6.0 x 172 mm, 8.0 x 195 mm
967 SXL Torx HF Multicolour: T10 x 112 mm, T25 x 154 mm
Textile folding storage case

Manufacturer Part Number: 05004173001

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