Wera 7 Pce Bicycle Set 5 Bitholding Screwdriver with Magazine Stainless  05004185001

$89.93 inc. GST

Wera compact stubby bit handle for working in tight spaces
Ratchet function with fine teeth for a small return angle
Directional change with switch ring (right, fixed, left)
With 7 stainless bits stored in handle
3840/1 TS Stainless Hex Bit: 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 x 25mm
3867/1 TS Stainless Torx Bit: T10, T25 x 25mm
3851/1 TS Stainless Phillips Bit: #1 x 25mm
Ergonomic 2-component Kraftform handle for precise work
Captive and swiveling bit magazine for easy removal and safe storage of the bits
With Take it easy tool finder: color coding according to profiles and size stamping

Manufacturer Part #: 05004185001

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