Sparky Tools SDC020 Delphi Aptiv Metri Pack Weather Pack Terminal Connector Crimper Made in Taiwan

“Quality Taiwan Made Non ratchet crimping tool for Delphi Aptiv Metri Pack Weather Pack connectors.
Wax-lost casting jaw made by chromium-Molybdenum alloy steel provide a high strength and precise crimping result.
Crimp seals for metric-pack 150 & 280 seals and weather pack Seals.
2 step crimping: Crimp the wire onto the terminal. Crimp the seal.
Non-slip handles with ergonomic design for low-effort operation.
Wire crimp for AWG 22 (0.35mm2) / AWG 20-18 (0.5-0.8mm2) / AWG 16-14 (1.0-2.0mm2) / AWG 12 (3.0mm2) terminals.
Length: 213mm”

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