Sparky Tools SFS012 Fiberglass Cable Scout Rod Kit Push Puller Wall Cavity Rodder Snake 12m Made in Taiwan

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“Quality Taiwan Made Fiberglass Reinforced rod with coating splinter-proof shield protect, professional electricians rely on tool kit.
Triple bonded steel terminals for extreme torsion and tensile strength in excess of 275KG.
4 types of rod flexibility in a solid carrier tube, rods runs up to 12 meters.
2 Pcs X 1M ∅7mm coated fiberglass red rods. (Rigid)
8 Pcs X 1M ∅6mm coated fiberglass yellow rods (Flexible)
1 Pcs X 1M ∅4mm single-strand white rod.( Highly flexible)
1 Pcs X 1M ∅6mm glow-in-dark rod (Flexible)
10 connector accessories (Flexi lead, Ring, Hook, Gender Changer, Flat bullet, Domed bullet, In-line swivel, Magnet, Chain, Super beam) provide accessibility through pulling, pushing, hooking and illuminating etc.”

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