Sparky Tools SPS006 Blue Double Weave High Quality Stainless Steel Cable Pulling Sock

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“Qty is one piece. Cable pulling sock is an ideal tool use by electrician and telecommunication technicians.
Double wave variable mesh automatically adjusts its grip force providing non-slip pulling and protects cables insulation from damage.
Make a quick ans easy job for pulling cable and wire through pipe and conduit etc.
Grip capacity and specification:
Blue: Length 220mm for 4mm – 6mm cable. BS: 270LBS (122KG) (Single weave due to the size)
Black: Length 260mm for 6mm-10mm cable. BS: 550LBS (250KG)
Red: Length 300mm for 10mm-12mm cable. BS: 750LBS (340KG)
Green: Length 3700mm for 12mm – 15mm cable. BS: 850LBS (385KG)
White: Length 390mm for 15mm – 20mm cable. BS: 950LBS (430KG)
Yellow: Length 470mm for 20mm – 25mm cable. BS: 1500LBS (680KG)”

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