Wera 2067 TORX® TORX Screwdriver For TORX Screws For Electronic Applications, TX 5 x 40 mm

Wera 2067 TX 5 x 40 mm Micro screwdriver for Torx socket screws High quality Wera Micro screwdriver for precision mechanical jobs. Rapid twisting results from fixing the hand on the head and using the fast-turning zone just below. This makes time-consuming grip adjustments unnecessary. Power zones with integrated soft sections ensure the transfer of high loosening and tightening torque; a precision zone for the right rotation angle during fine adjustment work. The Black Point tip offers optimized corrosion protection and an exact fit. -inch Take it easy-inch tool finder with color coding according to profiles and size stamp for simple and rapid accessing of the required tool.

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Kraft form micro screwdriver for recessed torx screws
Multi-component Kraft form micro handle for fast and ergonomic screw driving
Anti-roll feature and swivel cap for rapid twisting
The Wera Black Point tip offers an exact fit and optimum corrosion protection
Take it easy tool finder with color coding’s according to profile and size




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