What are the essential electricians tools?


Pliers can be used for cutting, twisting, bending, holding, and gripping of wires and cables. The handles of the pliers should be insulated. There are different types of pliers.

Long Nose Pliers
Combination Pliers


Screwdrivers can be used to loosen or tighten screws with slotted heads, screwdrivers are in various size and shape. Screwdrivers are made up of steel and they are tempered at the tip. According to the size and shape of screw different types of screwdrivers are used.

Flat screwdriver
Screwdriver Set
Phillips (star) screwdriver

Wire strippers

Wire strippers are used to remove the insulation of wires.

Coax cable stripper
Manual cable stripper
Automatic wire stripper

Testing meters

A meter is a truly essential tool for any electrician as it is used to test if a circuit is live, and to confirm equipment is safe before you start working. A meter is also an excellent tool to have at your disposal when troubleshooting circuits and diagnosing faults.

electrician tools
Uni-T UT15C Voltage-Continuity-Phase Rotation tester
Voltage tester
electrician tools
Volt stick

Fish tape

A fish tape is used to pull and push cables through conduit. They come on a reel or in parts which can be screwed together.  

Fish tape
Fish tape on a roll
Fish rod


Crimper to connect lugs to cables, conduit cutters to trim conduit to length, cable cutters to cut cables to length. 

Cable cutter
Conduit cutters